I’ve managed to get my hands on a “Polar V650” cycling computer with the Speed, Cadence and Heart-Rate sensor.


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Upon opening the box to unveil the device, I thought it would be smaller. When it’s held in your hand it actually looks bigger than it appears when you view it online. It chunky too. Which is ok, I assume it carries a rather large battery. I’ve been using it every day to commute and the occasional bike rides that I do in the night. It’s gone from 100% to 59% battery which is surprisingly good!


Setting up the device was fairly easy, it will ask some personal details like height, age, sex, weight etc to make sure that the stats it displays are accurate, I think it’s more to do with how much calories you burn during your cycling adventurers.


At the time of this review, I’ve clocked 44 miles all week which I’ll show you some stats using the Polar Flow diary. The speed gauge is pretty accurate as it matches the speedometer on my phone which relies on GPS, I’m sure the cycling computer is more accurate though. It also monitors the cadence speed, the fastest I’ve done was probably 120… Give or take, will have to look at the diary. My top speed I’ve probably hit close to 30MPh going downhill.


On 31/08/2015 Polar has released a new update for the V650 that allows Maps support. Another great feature as it shows the cycle tracks. I’ll provide some camera shots of the V650 running the maps on-screen. It’s shown cycle tracks that I never knew existed. I’ve always had the option to check on the internet for cycle tracks in my area but never thought about it until now. I hope the Strava + Polar V650 integration will be a reality soon, I’ll have to contact Polar to see if there’s a date for this yet.


20150902_091409   20150902_091422   20150902_091507


I’ll now show some screenshots below of the Polar Diary below that’s a browser-based applications that will show you your rides in more detail than what the V650 device shows you. Syncing through the Polar Flow program doesn’t take long. I try to sync every 3 days or so.


polar 2   polar1   polar3

After testing the device further. It’s turned out to be a sturdy device, been through a lot of bumps and jumps without damage or the V650 falling off the device. It’s secured on pretty darn tight! It locks on to position by placing it sideways and twisting it until straight, it should click in to position.

I’ll now provide you with some pictures with the Speed, Cadence and V650 bike mount fitted on the bike. I’d prefer not to provide pictures of myself wearing the Heart Rate Sensor but it’s easy to strap on around your chest. I haven’t got any professional Heart Rate sensors to compare the both but I have my trusty Samsung Galaxy S6 phone which has its own Heart Rate sensor on the back of the phone. Both devices showed the same results so I won’t complain about that.



20150902_094148 20150902_094152



Would I recommend this product? Yes. If I had a choice between the Garmin and this Polar unit, I’d easily pick the V650. I can’t get over how amazing the battery life is. This is one sturdy cycling computer that has not yet to let me down, the screens touch response is very accurate even when it rains. The battery life of the sensors, speed, cadence and HR lasts around 3000 riding hours. Quite a lot of hours thinking of it.


2.8in colour touch screen
Integrated GPS
Bluetooth Smart

Official website is located here. I have awarded this cycling computer with the gold star reward.

  RI Gold star temp

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