Kindly sent in by Pinksee of Amazon for free in return for an honest and un-biased review, we have their 10 piece set of Mini Figures.

Product Information: (Taken From Amazon Product Listing)

  • Lot of 10 New Minifigures Figures Men People Minifigs
  • Great for kids playing and studying !!!
  • These blocks are made of ABS material .Its safety includes European and American toy safety standard and GB standard.
  • Figures can be connected on standing or sitting position
  • Warning: must be under adult supervision, small parts danger of suffocation! Not suitable for children under 3 years of age to use.



Now I’m going to be honest, these mini figures look like Lego figures, but there is one difference, and that is how the figures are put together for example. Unlike Lego where it is pretty much attach legs, arms and head to body using a simply brick method, these figures use a different approach, not much different, but you can easily tell.

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In use:

Putting the figures together was quick and easy and also as much fun as putting Lego men together. Once together each figure was sturdy and felt well-built with no looseness or issues of that sort. Each figure has it own details as-well. You are not buying ten of one figure, you are buying 10 different figures. For example the ten figures I got were: (Ps some of them I found a little hard to name as you can see)

  • A racing pit stop crew member
  • A musketeer type guy
  • A man with a top hat
  • An artist
  • An Indiana Jones type guy
  • A chef
  • Robin Hood guy
  • A fire man
  • A rich looking guy
  • A guy wearing dungarees and a helmet


the level of detail on each of these figures is great, with all figures having different colours and different illustrations and facial expressions.

My little lad has so far had a fun time playing with these figures for hours and hours on end.


A great little alternative to the more expensive Lego version. Coming in at only £4.09 with free U.K postage these are an ideal little stocking filler for any child.

Check them out here: