Kindly sent in By Nutz Audio for an honest and unbiased review, we have their their Swagga Studio Headphones for review.

Technical Specifications:

  • Drivers: 2 X 50 MM RST (Reverse Sound Technology)
  • Independence: 16
  • Frequency: 10Hz — 20KHz
  • Max input power: 50 mW
  • Sensitivity: 100db/V at 1KHz

In the Era of ‘Beats’ headphones, the audio industry has seen many companies, try to take on Dr. Dre’s mammoth success of a company, by releasing premium headphones and earphones that en-corporate the latest technology to produce amazing audio playback that until recently was only ever heard in recording studios. One such company is Nutz Audio. Founded in 2013, the company is still relatively young, but has already managed to bring several products from headphones to portable speakers to the market. Today I take a look at their Swagga Studio headphones and see what makes them a worthy competitor in their market.


If I include packaging in a review, then it means that I was very impressed with how that product was presented to me as a reviewer and to the end consumer. I can safely say that presentation is definitely just one of the many strong points of the Nutz Audio Swagga Studio headphones.

The box for these headphones comes in two parts, a slide off cover with products details written on it and a shoe box sized chest style box that is home to the headphones and accessories, while sat on a shelf.

The slide off cover of the packaging is home to stylish text and images of the headphones (depending on what colour you choose, your box will theme will match colour, so if you buy pink, the headphone in the packaging images will be pink and other aspects of the cover will be pink).

On the front of the slide off cover is the Nutz ‘N’ logo in the top left hand corner, a huge image of the headphones in the centre which contains a mixture of photo and gloss finish and at the bottom is text that reads SWAGGA STUDIO ”Performance, Style, Attitude.”

On the left hand side of the slide off cover are the specifications, which are written in various languages.

On the right hand side is the same text at the bottom of the front cover, only this time it is pointing downwards from the top. Towards the back of the right hand side of the slide off cover is a photo of the headphones overlapping to the back off the cover.

Around the back of the slide off cover is continuation of the headphones from the right hand side of the cover as well as the Nutz logo, another picture of the headphones, a list of features and other stuff such as compatibility for phones.

Now onto the main box itself. The main box itself is just a plain black box, with only Nutz Audio written in white along the front of the lid. Despite it been blank, it still adds that touch of premium to the headphones.

Once opened, you will be greeted by a large hard case sat in a black plastic case to the right hand side (this is where the headphones are packaged) and to the left you will see a pocket that plays home to the instructions and another nice touch, which is a credit card sized Warranty card.

Lift out the large hard case to reveal three cables which are:

  • 1 X 4 M curl cable (Ideal for deejaying and studio work, where the wearer, will be moving back from and towards their equipment)
  • 2 X 1.2 M flat cable with built-in microphones (Two are provided as the headphones have the feature to share music between two people)

In a small box between the three cables are:

  • 1 X Gold plated air-plane jack connector
  • 1 X Gold plated 2.3 MM jack adaptor
  • 1 X Gold plated 6.3 MM jack adaptor

Upon opening the hard case for the first time you will be greeted by the headphones, which are wrapped nicely in a plastic bag. Lift these out and you will find a cloth that is perfect for cleaning your beautiful new headphones.

Overall the packaging of these headphones has actually helped to ‘wow’ me before I even put the headphones on my head. With a great level of details on the slip off cover and a brilliant layout inside of the main box itself, I really was lost for words, when I first received these headphones. Now it seems that over 600 words in and I’ve only talked about packaging, so how about we move onto the main show now, the head phones themselves. But first please see the photos below of the photo unboxing.

Nutz  Nutz  Nutz  Nutz  Nutz  Nutz  Nutz  Nutz  Nutz  Nutz  Nutz  Nutz


There’s no denying that with a name such as ‘SWAGGA’ that these headphones have been designed to look ”street worthy” and cool. Not only do they do a great job of doing those things, but they also do a great job of being comfortable during use, thanks to the use of Sheepskin leather in the ear cups and along the bottom of the headband. The headphones are adjustable to fit any head size, through the use of sliding mechanisms on both the right and left driver housings. These mechanisms are really easy to use and are sturdy enough to not move on their own.

The driver housings are made using a mixture of plastic and stainless steel, don’t be fooled by the plastic though as it has no negative effects on the premium finish and just adds a whole lot more positives to the finish, such as a nice design and sense of sturdiness. On the outside of the housings is a stainless steel hexagon shape, surrounded by a plastic ring of the same shape.

Both drivers can be rotated to help in the folding and storage process of these headphones. Talking of folding the headphones, the folding process on these headphones is quite simple. Just rotate the drivers and fold inwards from the bottom of the headband.

Both drivers have 3.5 MM audio jack located on their bottom sides. The reason for this is that the headphones are able to share audio between two people at once out of the box. In normal use, you only need to use one jack and one cable. The left side driver has the main jack which is a twist lock jack, that allows you to twist lock the provided audio cable into place, to allow for a more secure connection between the headphones and the cable. It’s easy to use and once done provides a great lock until you take the cable out.

Once folded the headphones are ready to be put in the supplied hard case, which will keep them secure until their next use.

Nutz  Nutz  Nutz  Nutz  Nutz  Nutz


Of course, it’s not just style and comfort that make a great pair of headphones, performance is important as-well. Nutz certainly haven’t missed this fact. These headphones produce amazing audio playback.

Thanks to a combination of brilliant driver size choice and reversed sound technology, these headphones produce great sound, that not only delivers every beat and word but also delivers them clearly and flawlessly as is possible. Bass is also present as you would expect and these headphones do a fantastic job at producing a comfortable level of Bass. I never once thought that the Bass was too much for my ears and the levels produced were just right.

I have used these headphones to listen to many different genres of music and can gladly say that they managed all the genres I threw at them with ease. I tried R ‘n’ B, Rap Music, Rock music, classic 80’s music and tonnes more and in each genre the headphones managed to overcome all of the relevant assets that make each genre unique.

Using the in-line microphone was also a pleasure. The microphone picked up my every word and managed to clearly send them to the receiver of my phone call.


These headphones managed to deliver plenty of wows, with no negatives for me to report on what so ever. From the packaging to the design to the performance, these headphones excelled. Having tried many cheaper headphones in the past, I have never experienced anything good as this. For only £99.00, you are getting a stylish, comfortable and well performing pair of headphones with the latest technology to ensure sound produced is of a high quality, also at that price these are a lot cheaper than a pair of Beats with equal sound quality, plus these look alot nicer than Beats too. For these reasons I am awarding 5 out of 5 and A Gold Reviews Insider Star to the Nutz Audio Swagga Studio headphones. Oh and one other thing Nutz provide 3 years warranty for their headphones. 3 years, that is amazing and provides a welcoming level of assurance that Nutz will be there if something goes wrong.

Buy them here:

HMV Ireland

RI Gold star temp

 ChapmanHeadphonesTech Reviewsaudio,Headphones,Nutz Audio,Reverse sound technologyKindly sent in By Nutz Audio for an honest and unbiased review, we have their their Swagga Studio Headphones for review. Technical Specifications: Drivers: 2 X 50 MM RST (Reverse Sound Technology) Independence: 16 Frequency: 10Hz -- 20KHz Max input power: 50 mW Sensitivity: 100db/V at 1KHz In the Era of 'Beats' headphones, the audio industry...