Today I am reviewing the MVPower Giantree HD IP Camera.

Product Features:(Taken From Amazon Product Listing)

  • Two-Way talk: With Built-in speaker and mic, easier listening and responding to what is going on when watching
  • Stunning viewing experience: 1.0-megapixel lens capable of streaming video at 1280 x 720p HD quality
  • Expandable with extra camera capacity–multiple cameras can be added, viewed and managed on an MIPC APP same interface to enjoy the freedom of remote monitoring
  • Watch what you love, anywhere, anytime, Daintree IP cameras can be connected to your router directly via wired or wireless
  • Wider angle with Pan 320 degrees (Horizontal) and Tilt 120 degrees (Vertical) and digital zoom through APP remote control


This Giantree camera by MVpower is no small camera, in fact, it’s rather large, which means it most likely to be noticed by people, which means it not likely to be good as a hidden surveillance camera, such as when you might want to keep an eye on a carer of an elderly family member. It is, however, good as a security camera for monitoring premises, or even as a baby monitor camera. I currently have it set-up in my kitchen on top of a cupboard pointing towards my dining room, where it can get a great view of the ground and surrounding areas.

The main design here is a ball camera sat in between what would represent two arms that hide a pivot that move the camera up and down remotely. It also sits on a hidden disc that turns the camera left and right. Around the back of the camera are several ports, a button and an antenna for the WiFi connection. There’s also an ethernet port, as an ethernet connection is required for initial set-up and can also be used instead of WiFi for the day-to-day use of the camera. In case you don’t have any ethernet cables laying about there is a flat ethernet cable provided to get you through the initial setup. The camera also has a built-in loudspeaker and microphone for two-way communications, which is perfect for baby monitor use. As expected in case of forgetting a password or username there is a reset button on the camera.

The wireless antenna I mentioned is detachable and can be left off the camera if using it in ethernet mode.

Giantree  Giantree  Giantree


Setup of this camera can be a two-part job depending on whether or not you want to mount it or just want to sit it on a desk or sideboard. If mounting it before use then you should have no issues as long as you have the know how and correct tools. For me, it really didn’t take that long as I just screwed the mounting arm onto the top of a wooden kitchen cabinet and I was done. If drilling into a wall, it will take slightly long, but not by that much time as long as you know what you’re doing. Once the arm is mounted and adjusted to a decent angle you simply just use the provided thumb screw to attach the camera to the arm.

Setting the camera up with the application is relatively easy and provided you follow the instructions correctly you will have no issues at all. As I mentioned earlier, you will need to do the initial setup using an ethernet cable attached directly to your router. As this is an IP camera and recently there have been stories of hackers hacking these and viewing people’s homes, it is recommended you do the best to secure your camera and network to ensure nobody but you can get in.

The software:

There are two ways to remotely view and control this camera, one is through an application found on Google Play and Apple Store, called Mipc. This application is fairly easy to use and has a simple User Interface that anyone can easily get the hang of. The application is perfect for times you might be out for a long day and have no PC access, simply connect your phone to the internet through WiFi or data (Data charges may be applicable depending on your tariff if using your data instead of WiFi)

It’s the second method which I prefer and have spent much more time with, this is the web browser version, which has a very similar theme and layout to the mobile phone application. It’s easy to use and displays options such as settings and viewing recordings from the camera. It is of course only possible to record on the camera with a MicroSD card inserted and it is also not possible to record remotely, although you can set the camera to continuously record in a loop.

Both the web browser version and the mobile application share similar features. One feature I really love is the motion detection feature, which allows the user to set up the camera to send an alert to the software when motion is detected, there are several settings including sensitivity which allows the user to decide how much motion should be detected before a push notification is sent, so if you have pets you can set it up to ideally not alert you every time the dog is stealing from the bin or the cat is trying to grab fishes from a fish tank.

In use:

The quality of the video and pictures on this camera is 50/50, it’s clear enough to see faces and the clothing of somebody in the event of a break in, but at the same time, it’s also very pixellated, which for a camera capable of HD recording is unexpected. It’s also good in night mode and still enables a clear view of faces, but with the pixellated black and white image, it is just a bit harder than day mode viewing.  The motion mode I mentioned earlier also works great, I decided to test it and set it up to different sensitivity modes and was pleased by the near 100% results I got with different levels of sensitivity.

The two-way communication worked brilliantly as well and this was a fun way to talk to my partner while she was in the kitchen. She was able to hear me well and I was able to hear her great as well, with the microphone picking her voice up clearly.


A good enough camera for the likes or security or baby monitor use. The software is easily one of the easiest to use software I have come across for IP cameras. The picture quality is sadly 50/50 with detailed shots of but an, unfortunately, pixellated image. For only £49.99 though you can’t go wrong.

Please Note: I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review.

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MVPower Giantree HD IP Camera

MVPower Giantree HD IP Camera



    Video Quality


      Two way communications



        • - Easy to see faces and clothing
        • - Great night mode
        • - Great two way audio


        • - Very pixellated images ChapmanHomeware ReviewsAmazon,Giantree IP Camera HD 1280x720P Baby/Pets Monitor Wireless/Wired Pan/Tilt WIFI/Network Webcam for Home Security (Plug & Play,iPhone & Android Mobile View,Motion Detection,QR Code Scan,Two-ways Audio TalkToday I am reviewing the MVPower Giantree HD IP Camera. Product Features:(Taken From Amazon Product Listing) Two-Way talk: With Built-in speaker and mic, easier listening and responding to what is going on when watching Stunning viewing experience: 1.0-megapixel lens capable of streaming video at 1280 x 720p HD quality Expandable with extra camera...