Today I am reviewing the MVPower MXIII 4K Android T.V Box.

Product Features:(Taken From Amazon Product Listing)

  • Preconfigured with Kodi(XBMC).Preinstalled Kodi/Google play store and built-in wifi,you can download numerous add-on apps like Facebook, Internet Browser, KODI Entertainment Center, Pandora, Netfilx, YouTube and more at ease,which will bring you endless fun with your TV
  • Turn regular TV into smart TV. Featured with Android 4.4 OS Amlogic S812 Quad Core@2.0GHz,this android TV box turns any TV into smart TV and allows you to access to thousands of free videos, TV movies and live, both local and international, which is ideal for home entertainment and office use with no monthly bills and restrictions
  • 2G RAM&8G ROM. 2GB DDR3 RAM helps you to run games smoothly without any compromise and it supports mouse and keyboard(both not included) via USB port. 8GB EMMC flash allows you to install your favorite apps and store multimedia files with faster speed without worry of running out of space while SD card slot for memory expansion
  • Support 4K*2K HDMI Output. Completing with Octa core ARM Mali-450 GPU@600MHz and HEVC H.265 decoding, this smart TV box fully supports to stream any 720p,1080p or 4k*2k videos to offer you a stunning visual effect without interruption, which related to your internet speed. Customized your crystal clear HD viewing experience with truly unlimited options.
  • Dual Band WIFI. This TV Box supports 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band wireless signals and 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi compliant. With 5G Wi-Fi technology and Gigabit Ethernet, this quad-core smart TV box owns more strong and stable WIFI signal with fast transmission speed while other regular wifi devices support 2.4Ghz Wifi.


This T.V box is quite possibly one of the nicest looking T.V boxes I have used to date. It is a small black colored square-shaped box with rounded corners. The branding is stamped across the top of the unit, whilst in the bottom, right-hand corner is an oval-shaped power button.

The rear edge of the box is home to five ports which are:

  • DC in
  • AV out
  • Ethernet port
  • HDMI out
  • SPDIF out

These ports are also easy to access from the rear of the unit and each feels sturdily held into place on the main board.

The right-hand edge is home to four more ports, this time, they are:

  • 2 X USB ports
  • A USB on the go adapter port (Adapter is included)
  • MicroSD card port for expandable storage

Each port again is easy to access, this time from the right edge and I’m a huge fan of the MicroSD card port, which previous boxes I’ve reviewed haven’t had built into them.

The overall design of this box really makes it sit well in my T.V cabinet on top of my PS4.

The remote is quite basic and, in all honesty, is the same as the remote included with the two previous boxes I have reviewed. I wasn’t a fan of those and I’m not a fan of this one either. Luckily with this been practically a mini PC for your T.V, you can make use of the USB ports to hook up a mouse and keyboard for 100% input control. I currently use a small remote shaped keybord with built-in mouse trackpad, which I find to be brilliant for this box.



Setting this box up completely was a 5-minute job, which included plugging it in, connecting it to my T.V, setting the box up with my WiFi and connecting it to my Google account. It really is easy to do and if you get stuck you can refer to the manual for more help.


This packaging claims this box is running Android 5.1, however if you go into the settings and find device information, you will actually find that this box is running the older more slightly out of date Android 4.4 Lollipop, which is a bit of a disappointment, particularly if you like your devices a bit more up to date. I did go to the update section to see if there was an update available, but the box informed me there wasn’t

Moving on, though, the fact this box runs Android is what for me makes it great as I’m a huge Android fan. This box is basically a fully certified Android box as it has full access to the whole range of Google services found implemented in many Android devices such as the Google Play Store.

Having access to the Play Store is fantastic as it means there is a whole world of entertainment at your fingertips. You can literally buy your favourite movies or T.V shows, buy your favourite music and even downloaded tonnes of games, which altogether makes this box transform your normal T.V into a Smart T.V.

The first apps I downloaded were the iPlayer app for CBeebies for my son and a few basic games as I don’t yet have a proper gaming controller for an Android device. I’ll move on to these in more detail when I come to the In use section of this review.


In use:

I mainly use this box for watching iPlayer and other online catch-up services, which so far I have found it great for. The image quality is fantastic, although with my aging T.V it’s not the best, but if this box was hooked up to a more modern T.V you would definitely see the best your T.V has to offer. The box also has cloud T.V which allows you to watch different stations from around the world. Playing games is also a lot of fun, however if you are planning on playing games with this, I do recommend using a mouse and keyboard or an Android controller if you have one. I have been playing Candy Crush on it, but as soon as I get a controller I’m going to be trying out other games.

I should also point out that last bit, that I truly recommend doing anything on this box with a mouse and keyboard as the remote is just terrible.

I also love how I use Miracast to stream my entire phone content to my T.V through this box, this means I can literally stream anything from my phone to my T.V for a larger display area, still using my phone as the main controller. I played some games from my phone onto my T.V so far doing this and it was amazing. Miracast doesn’t just does send media files and games over, it send the complete user interface of your device across as well, meaning that what you see every day on your phone is what you see on your T.V screen.

Since I’m a member of Prime, I decided to give the Prime video app a go on the box, but unfortunately, anytime I clicked on a program or movie to watch the app kept crashing, which meant I was unable to watch anything from prime on the box. However, I think this is an issue with Prime on devices such as this as I couldn’t get prime to work on my previous boxes either.

IMAG1097  IMAG1098


A fantastic bit of kit that easily transforms any normal T.V into a smart T.V. It not only lets you watch things in resolutions up to 4K, it also lets you play games and surf the web all from the display of your T.V. My one recommendation, however, is that you use a keyboard and mouse setup for the best possible way to use this box, as the remote just can’t cut it.

DISCLAIMER: I received this at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

Check it out here:


Score breakdown:

The MXIII has earned 9.7 out of 10 stars and is, therefore, a Gold reward earner. See the breakdown below.

RI Gold star temp

MVPower MXIII Android T.V Box

MVPower MXIII Android T.V Box







        In use



          • - Built in MicroSD slot for expandable memory
          • - A wide range of entertainment
          • - Small friendly design


          • - The remote is terrible
 ChapmanHomeware ReviewsAmazon,Android,Android T.V,MVPower,MXIII,Streaming,T.V,WiFiToday I am reviewing the MVPower MXIII 4K Android T.V Box. Product Features:(Taken From Amazon Product Listing) Preconfigured with Kodi(XBMC).Preinstalled Kodi/Google play store and built-in wifi,you can download numerous add-on apps like Facebook, Internet Browser, KODI Entertainment Center, Pandora, Netfilx, YouTube and more at ease,which will bring you endless fun with...