Cozy Coupe……………………………………………………………………. Just the name brings memories for me as a child of the 90’s and even brings memories to people from the 80’s. Just remembering all those times playing out as a young child and wanting to drive about the garden in my little red and yellow car and beep that little horn. Well having faced these memories and coming across the newer generation of Cozy Coupe’s, it was clear, my little lad was definitely not missing out on the fun times these things can make. That’s why recently he got a Cozy Coupe , breaking the tradition, he got the Police edition instead of the standard red and yellow edition. Today I am going to review and share my thoughts on this ride around toy.

The Theme:

With this edition of the Cozy Coupe, we have a Police theme, which includes:

  • Black and White coloring
  • Police Stickers













A slightly disappointing note is that that unlike the previous generation of Police styled Cozy Coupe, this generation version lacks a siren. It may seem small but it added a bit more fun to the previous version. However this generation of Cozy Coupes come with some rather funny eyes that mount onto the front of the car, to sort of add character for the child’s imagination.


Now I’m not going to lie………………………. I had a horrible time putting this toy together. I got to points where I was just thinking ‘arrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh I cant be bothered anymore’, but luckily I carried on and the end result was perfect. After struggling for a bit with slotting plastic together and banging wheels in and bits and bobs here and there, I had a very happy two year old who would not part ways with his new car. That is what makes this toy an amazing must have item. It doesn’t matter that I struggled a bit, because it was still do able and then end result was one very happy little boy.

Fun times:

Now I know for sure that if I was just a tiny bit smaller, I would use this thing on my commutes ;), but unfortunately I’m to tall for this car :(…………………. So my little boy has to get most of the fun out of it. We have had this Cozy Coupe in our house since January 2015 and not a day goes by, where he doesn’t want to actually play with it at some point in a day. That to me is great as it means he really enjoys this toy (Hes also a bit of a car fan), its not a toy that hes got and left untouched for days or weeks on end, its a toy that makes him feel like he driving and he loves it. I do also have to say that this toy has really helped my child’s co-ordination and he is getting better everyday at driving it with his feet and steering it.


This toy is designed to be used indoors and outdoors by a young child, so naturally, it’s expected to take some hits in its life. The one I’m reviewing today, has been driven into garden fences and even tipped on its side by my little boy, however the only damage done was some scratches and sticker scuff. (Which is totally unavoidable). Make no mistake this may be a plastic car, but it certainly is not weak plastic and can hold its own in the world of playful young children.

Overall this is an amazing child’s toy that will really add hours of enjoyment to any child’s playtime. The only real gripe, I’ve had with it was the painful assembly process, which in my opinion could be made a little easier. I can happily say that Little Tikes have kept quite possibly one of the best child’s ride ons of all time, the best. ChapmanToy ReviewsCozy Coupe Police,Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Reviews,Reviewsinsider Little Tikes,Ride on reviewsCozy Coupe............................................................................... Just the name brings memories for me as a child of the 90's and even brings memories to people from the 80's. Just remembering all those times playing out as a young child and wanting to drive about the garden in my little red and yellow car...