Kindly sent in by True Opinion for free, in return for an Honest and un-biased review, we have the DBPOWER Hawkeye 1 Quadcopter.(Receiving this item for free has not had any effect on my overall opinion of the product).

Product Specifications:(Taken From Amazon Product Listing)

  • Drone operation difficulty index: 3 stars, Recommended age: 14 years and up. Replacement lipo battery search ASIN B00UGW3WAW
  • 4 kinds of combination pattern: flying with protection, running with 4 small wheels on the ground, climbing with 2 big wheels on wall, good for both indoor and outdoor
  • 2MP built-in HD camera, extra free 2G TF card, 3.7V 450mAh battery
  • What you get: quadcopter package, welcome guide, teaching video, our fan-favorite friendly customer service


This is a Micro Drone and when I say Micro I mean Micro, it can sit nicely in the palm of my hand with no parts falling over the edge. Its body is made from a strong plastic, which is really effective at protecting the drone, which is good as I have crashed it several times by mistake. The main body of the drone is black with white stripes on each side, at the front of each stripe on the main body is a small LED light. At each corner of the drones body is a propeller, black ones at the back and white ones at the front, which go nicely with the body colour of black and the white stripes. On the bottom of the drone and positioned on the arms that reach out to each motor are LED light strips, with white at the front and red at the back, these LED’s also have a small section on the upper of the arms. Also at the bottom of the drone is a MicroSD slot that allows you to insert a MicroSD and record using the 2 mega-pixel camera as you fly around (DBPOWER have actually included a 4GB MicroSD card in the package). At the back of the drone and positioned in-between the two rear propellers is the slot housing and connection point for the battery. To say this is a small drone, the battery sits nice and snug in the slot with barely any of the connection cable showing.

One thing I absolutely love about this drone is that there are four ways to use it, they are:

  • Like an RC car with four detachable wheels
  • As a wall climber with two larger detachable wheels
  • With protection bumpers on or off
  • As a 360 degree drone, for flying upside down and round and round

Changing the drones form to use the wheels is really simple, each motor end of each arm has a small slot that allows the bumpers and wheel connections to be easily fitted to the drone main body. The two large wheels are connected using a thin pole that clips into the top of the body of the drone. Due to the click connection method used, an accessory when connected to the main body of the drone is nice and sturdy and can only be removed with some slight force, meaning that during use, you won’t have any parts falling off.

Due to the rough nature of drone crashes, parts such as propellers and batteries can be replaced and as such for any beginner, DBPOWER have included a spare set of propeller blades, which you are probably going to need. These parts can also be obtained easily from sites like Amazon.

Hawkeye  Hawkeye  Hawkeye  Hawkeye

The design of the control provided with this drone has been kept nice and simple. It’s styled much like that of game console control and is comfortable to hold, even though it is made entirely from plastic. Another thing I really like about this control, is that it is not packed full of buttons. and all in all there are eight buttons, two control sticks and a power slider. This small amount of buttons makes flying the drone a bit easier as there are no complicated buttons or sequences to learn. There is also a small screen on the front of the control that displays information about your flying speed etc….

The control is powered by four AAA batteries that live in a compartment on the back of it.


In use:

Well I must say, having read up on drones before getting this one, that it’s true that flying one is hard for a beginner. While I have had some practice now and find it easy to fly for short burst and at low altitudes, I’m still a bit of a novice when it comes to going higher with this thing. There have been a fair few times I have had to duck with this speedy little drone flying towards my head at top speed, scary but fun non the less. During times I have managed to keep it in the air, it has been great fun to fly around. I haven’t made great use of the camera on board yet for recording flights as I would like to become a better flyer first, instead of showing the world me ducking for cover as it flies towards me. There are videos on Youtube, that can also help spruce up your Quadcopter flying skills.

Using the drone as a sort of RC car was really easy and proved to be great fun and a lot easier than flying it off the ground. It can however be easy to lift it off the ground with the wheels on an as it practically still hovering, so to use it on the ground you need to keep the speed a bit low. Then there’s the two wheels for driving up walls, using a combination of flying and driving, which I haven’t yet tested but I am keen to give a go as it looks like a lot of fun.

Hawkeye  Hawkeye  Hawkeye

Battery life promised by this drone is up to 9 minutes per charge and a full charge takes about one hour. This about how long I got so it is the case. Although this doesn’t seem a lot, it is about normal for a drone of this size. To make things a bit easier spare batteries can be purchased on-line so you always have some available.

Hawkeye  Hawkeye


A fun little flying machine that can be used in various different forms and feels like it has been built to survive many of the crashes it will un-doubtfully be involved in. With a 2 Mega-pixel camera on board it can pick up those flights you always wanted to share and store them on a memory card, which in this case has been provided. You will have fun learning to fly this machine as you crash your way to being a successful drone pilot, I know I am having fun with it.

Check it out here:

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