Today I am reviewing the ADX S-WAVE Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Product features:(Taken From Amazon Product Listing)

  • High output power of 2 x 5 Watts RMS!
  • 2200mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery providing 10hrs of playtime from a single charge
  • 2 x 45mm long throw drivers with high power magnets and dual opposing passive subwoofers
  • Bluetooth range of 10 metres with noise reduction and receive phone calls hands-free.
  • Feature packed with SD Card Reader, AUX input, Bluetooth + EDR, FM Radio

Since I became a full-time reviewer way back in June 2015, I have had the opportunity to review some of the finest portable speakers offered by Audio Dynamix (Or ADX) and have never once been dissatisfied with their offerings. This naturally makes me more excited each time a new ADX product comes out and that’s why I was mega excited to learn of the recently released S-WAVE Bluetooth Speaker which is available to buy right now for a very friendly price of £27.99 on Amazon.


In comparison with other ADX speaker the S-WAVE is quite wide when looked at from the sides, this probably has something to with the fact the woofers in this speaker are dual opposing. The body of the speaker is constructed from ABS and are finished with a smooth looking rubber coating which really does help to add a tactile look to this speaker.

Around the front is the grill which rather than being flat is a mixture of raised and lowered grooves which create a wavy look that goes well with the S-WAVE name. Running around the entire edge of the grill area is a red strip, which on the grey model is an orange strip. Around the back is a smaller vented area that covers over the rear passive woofer and above this area are four ports, a small LED status light and the speaker’s power switch. The four ports are as follows:

  • 3.5mm AUX in port
  • MicroSD card port
  • USB host port
  • MicroUSB charging port with a small LED status light below it

The ports are all in line horizontally with each other and are rather easy to access and use, they also feel really sturdy and well-connected to the main board.

Along the top of the speaker is the main control panel, which has the following buttons located under the S-WAVE logo:

  • Play/Pause/Phone call button
  • Mode button
  • Previous track/Re-wind
  • Next track/Fast forward
  • Volume down
  • Volume up

Each button is easy to use and has great responsiveness. Each button is coated in a see through plastic material that covers over the marking of each button. The S-WAVE logo sits proudly above the buttons and actually adds a bit of character to the top of the speaker. Under the buttons are four tiny LED lights each marked with a different mode starting from the left Bluetooth, Music, FM, and AUX at the right end. These little lights are simply to remind you what mode you currently have the speaker on.

At the bottom of the speaker on each side is a long rubber foot pad to prevent the speaker moving about on a surface from heavy vibrations. These seem to grip most of the surfaces I have used this speaker on very well and keep it very sturdy even with the bass blasting.



Connecting this speaker to my phone via Bluetooth was as is usual with Bluetooth devices quite easy and literally took me about thirty seconds to do. If this is something you have never done, then don’t worry as the included manual has a clear set of instruction explaining how to do it.

In terms of signal strength and reliability, I found the S-WAVE to be exceptionally reliable when used within the recommended 10 metres. I was able to leave my phone in the front room and take the speaker into my kitchen with no interruptions or drop-outs from the speaker.

The aux connection is perfect for times where you might not have Bluetooth connectivity present, such as when you are sitting at a PC or using an older MP3 player. The biggest difference is that the only buttons that will work on the speaker when using the AUX in mode are the volume buttons, all other functions must be controlled from the connected device.

Whilst Bluetooth and AUX in are common on most wireless speakers, MicroSD, USB host and FM radio are not. This means this speaker has plenty of ways to provide music, which most other speakers in this price range don’t have, in fact, these features are often more likely to be found in speakers of a much higher price, which really makes the S-WAVE a bargain at its price.


This speaker is capable of delivering up to 10 hours of battery life between each full charge. I have so far managed to get results varying between 8 and 10 hours depending on volume level and the mode in use. This is a very impressive battery time for a speaker like this in my opinion.

Audio quality:

I honestly can’t say I’m surprised by the audio quality of the S-WAVE because after using previous ADX speakers I don’t expect anything less than brilliant and this is another ADX speaker that is simply carrying on the flag of brilliant audio from the rest of the ADX line. The sound produced by the setup in this speaker is crystal clear and never misses a lyric or a beat. In true ADX style, there is no distortion even at high volumes. At it highest I was able to fill my living room with music and create a mini disco with a few people present, which for a portable speaker is a great accomplishment.

Whilst the radio function of this speaker, kept the clear audio found everywhere else on the speaker, I did find the FM mode was a bit temperamental when it came to picking up radio signals inside my house, outside whilst not perfect it was a lot better.

Something else that is helpful but at the same time a bit weird is the very British slightly cockney accent used to announce different modes, for example when you turn the speaker on, after a few seconds a male British voice will say ‘Bluetooth, please wait’. I suppose it weird because as a British person I’m not all to use to hearing a British cockney accent as weird as it sounds for me to say that. Overall though the voice is clear and easy to understand.

The built-in hands-free mode is also great and makes answering a call while using the speaker so much easier. The microphone does a fantastic job of picking up my voice and delivering it to the person on the other end of the phone.

Overall: Another A+ speaker by the fine people at Audio Dynamix. A brilliant design, multiple methods of playing music and brilliant distortion free audio all make this a Gold Reward earner, the only thing that disappointed me a little bit was the temperamental FM tuner.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent this product for a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased opinion. This has not had any effect on my overall opinion of this product.

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Score breakdown:

The S-WAVE by ADX has earned a full 10 out of 10 and has therefore earned a Gold Reviews Insider Star. See the breakdown below.

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ADX S-WAVE Portable Bluetooth Speaker

ADX S-WAVE Portable Bluetooth Speaker



    Audio quality





        • - Brilliant design
        • - Several different modes
        • - Great audio quality


        • - Temperamental FM tuner ChapmanAudio TechTech ReviewsADX,audio,Audio Dynamix,Bluetooth,S-WAVEToday I am reviewing the ADX S-WAVE Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Product features:(Taken From Amazon Product Listing) High output power of 2 x 5 Watts RMS! 2200mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery providing 10hrs of playtime from a single charge 2 x 45mm long throw drivers with high power magnets and dual opposing passive subwoofers Bluetooth range...